Maximizing Your Garage Organization in Sacramento

Lately, many of us in Sacramento find ourselves stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With all this extra time, you have likely come up with some big home projects. And for many of us, somewhere on that project list is organizing one of America’s favorite rooms, the garage.
The garage is a very customizable place. You can transform it into a workout room, a daycare, or even a business. That being said, it’s also one of the hardest spaces to keep clean and organized. Today we are going to help you get your Sacramento garage organized.

Know what you want

Before you even peek at your garage, you need to think about the purpose behind cleaning it. Are you cleaning your garage for a parked car? Or is it something grander, like an exercise or game room. Once you find your purpose, you’re ready to begin the organizing process.

Go through everything

Just like when you organize other rooms in your house, you need to get an idea of your space and the items you have. Think about all the forgotten things crammed in your garage over the years. There might be a few items you did not even realize were there. The best way to figure out how much space you have to work with, and what is in the garage, is to remove everything. Yes, we mean everything. So get some gloves on and start unpacking.
Stay organized by putting each item you take out into a pile with similar items. A typical garage in Sacramento tends to have things like bikes, camping equipment, tools, and the occasional surfboard. So we could put a bike in a pile for sports equipment, a lonely wrench in a pile for tools and so on. By doing this you will have a better idea of your garage’s potential.

Figure out what you need, and what you don’t

Now comes the hard part. You will need to figure out what stuff you would like to keep, and what stuff you are going to throw out, give away or repurpose. Chances are, there is quite a bit of stuff you found in your garage you forgot about, or lost years ago that you no longer need. You can give that stuff to neighbors, family, friends, or you can just throw it away.

Put it all back

This is where your vision comes true, and you get to reorganize your garage. Revisit the purpose blueprints you set out in the beginning; whether you are just rearranging old items to fit a car, or you are converting your garage into a special room within your garage now is the time. Whatever your initial vision, it is bound to end up great after a good cleaning. Some world-famous businesses were even started in a garage. Yours could be next!