5 Tips for Your Sacramento Garage Clean Out

We are your Sacramento garage clean out experts. With years of experience in garage storage and organization, we’ve picked up a few great tips to getting started on cleaning out the garage. It can be a very overwhelming task, but with the right plan in action, you can accomplish your garage clean out.


Here are our few tips to help you get started on your garage:

1. Make a Plan: It’s best to make a plan before starting any large project. Take time beforehand to plan out when, what and how you will accomplish your Sacramento garage clean out project.

2. Bring Everything Out: Bring everything forward and out of the garage. This gives you the opportunity to go through everything and give your garage a good clean sweep once everything is out.

3. Sort: With everything pulled out of the garage, move like-items together in piles. This will help you sort through categories one at a time and help you organized the items you will keep back in the garage after the clean out.

4. Decide: Decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Have you used this (insert item here) in the last few years? Have your children out-grown items you’re still holding on to? Have your hobbies and interests changed? Are some items outdated or obsolete? Ask yourself these kind of questions when going through your items.

5. Remove: There are a lot of great ways to get rid of your unwanted items. Donate reusable items in good condition to local charities. Take recyclable items and appliances to recycling stations. Take non-recyclable items to the dump. Hold a garage sale to get back money for reusable items.

If you feel too overwhelmed to do your Sacramento garage clean out on your own, give Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems a call today. We work with you every step of the way. We handle the sort and removal of all your unwanted items and junk.